Our Story

SaniFog.ca is a co-branded company division of CPM, a trusted Moncton NB based Property Management & Construction service company in Atlantic Canada. We have worked in the commercial space for 18 years and have built trusted relationships with many clients that value the services and solutions working together as partners in business since 2003. We pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to work side by side with every client to build strong lasting relationships. 

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What We Do

It’s fairly straight forward…. We do NOT over complicate our services. We simply are here to help our clients get control over infectious spread risk by providing broad Disinfecting Solutions. Our solutions are effective and save time and costs for more thoroughly treating public areas. The results develop Re-assurance and Confidence, for your Clients, Customers, Employees and You!

  • SaniFog.ca is a properly trained disinfecting company that uses proper equipment and the safest approved products on the market for complete disinfectant fogging treatment methods. 

  • We consult each client on individual spaces & areas and propose the appropriate treatment solution, timeline and costs in a quick and effective manner. 

  • The customized treatment methods obtain up to a 400% improvement of disinfection compared to typical "wiping sanitizing" methods. Better disinfection for all areas and surfaces to kill disease and help your team manage prevention of any infectious type of spread. 

  • All treatments are recorded and documented for any references required for your files and future repeat treatment programs.

  • Your area or space becomes “SaniFog.ca Treated” with branded recognition that is posted visibly for everyone to acknowledge.

  • We can evaluate your area needs related with your operations and specifically design the most practical and cost effective recurring service program to maintain a disinfected, sanitized environment. 

  • We procure other SaniFog.ca Treatment Applicators & have DIY Treatment Applicator programs that provide training, product & equipment, and support to establish more options to service coverage in any organization.

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