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What is SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)?

According to the WHO, Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as MERS and SARS and the new Wuhan COVID-19.Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people. Detailed investigations found that SARS was transmitted from civet cats to humans and MERS from dromedary camels to humans. Several known coronaviruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans.

Does it kill Covid-19?

When applied properly and following specific guidelines the method will disinfect areas quickly and efficiently towards the spread prevention any of the listed types of diseases on the :"kill list". You can view Kill List here.

Does it protect the area against Covid-19?

No, there is no product in the world that will protect against any reinfection of any virus. This is the reason why hospitals to this day have to disinfect after every patient. It will kill off viruses until a contaminated person comes in contact. It is a way to have a fresh start to any area and begin proper management of your space. It is the best method, by far, of treating and disinfecting airborne and hard to reach areas that are not disinfected properly with typical "wipe" down disinfecting and sanitizing.

How does the virus spread?

According to the WHO, COVID-19 is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through contact with an infected person through respiratory droplets generated when a person, for example, coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. ‘When people cough and sneeze, they either contaminate their hands or droplets fall on hard surfaces – people touching [these surfaces] is probably the major route as much as direct droplet spread,’ Professor Lyn Gilbert, Chair of the Infection Control Advisory Group (ICAG)

How long does the virus live on surfaces?

According to the WHO, it is still not known how long the COVID-19 virus survives on surfaces, although Studies published in the Journal of Hospital Infection have shown that Coronaviruses can remain infectious at room temperature for on average 4-5 days, but sometimes up to 9 days. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), if you think a surface may be infected with COVID-19, clean it with a disinfectant to kill the virus in order to protect yourself and others. ie. Vital Oxide™ a hospital grade disinfectant

How can Vital Oxide help?

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), if you think a surface may be infected with COVID-19, clean it with a disinfectant to kill the virus in order to protect yourself and others. Vital Oxide is a hospital-grade disinfectant that is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals and aquatic life. When Vital Oxide™ is used in conjunction with one of our tuned foggers, it ensures that all sides of the surfaces even unseen and hard to reach places can be disinfected.

Is Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) some kind of bleach?

Nope. While chlorine dioxide has chlorine in its name, its chemical properties are very different from the corrosive property of chlorine bleach. The primary differences are that chlorine dioxide is less toxic, safer and gentler than bleach and many other antiseptics and antimicrobials, and that it remains effective under organic load.

I see that Vital Oxide is used in schools and hospitals , but can I use it home too?

Definitely. Vital Oxide is an excellent disinfectant to be used around the house. You can use it almost anywhere in your home – musty basements, in bathrooms where mildew has accumulated (or on surfaces to protect against mold and mildew), and in the kitchen to keep food surfaces clean. You can also use it on carpets without any hesitation!

What are the advantages of our proper foggin treatment with Vital Oxide?

Along with other specific preparation mentods, the most effcient procedure to disinfect large areas is by using a properly specified low micron fogger. Our fogging treatment procedure with Vital Oxide treats air, objects, walls, floors, and ceilings works in a matter of minutes. These can help you save loads of time when you’re disinfecting large areas regularly. Vital Oxide is one of the few disinfectants that can be sprayed with a micro fogger. Our treatment covers areas that typical janitorial services and wiping/spraying methods cannot reach in near the same amount of time.

With so many disinfectants and mold removers on the market, why should I choose Vital Oxide?

The main difference between Vital Oxide and other generic brands is in the chemical compounds used. While other competitors use stabilized chlorine dioxide, Vital Oxide uses an unique chemical compound that contains pure chlorine dioxide. This means that Vital Oxide is non-irritating to skin, non-corrosive to most treated articles and doesn’t require rinsing. Most disinfectants and mold removers on the market are extremely toxic, but Vital Oxide gives you the peace of mind that you are using a reliable and effective product that does not come with alarming safety warnings and precautions. MSDS 0-0-0 Totally Safe!

What is the difference between a cleaner and a disinfectant?

Cleaners are not registered with the EPA and cannot make public health claims on their label such as killing germs, or having any anti-microbial action.

What is a hospital disinfectant?

Simply put, this means that the disinfectant can easily be used to ensure proper disinfection in hospitals. Hospital-grade disinfectants are able to kill the toughest viruses and bacteria, which the general disinfectants are unable to do. Moreover, hospital disinfectants are of EPA category 4 rating, meaning that it’s not toxic and can be used anywhere that needs cleaning.

What is a sanitizer?

A substance, or mixture of substances, intended to reduce the number of microorganisms on inanimate surfaces, in water or air (FIFRA § 4(i)(4)(C)(i)).

Can it be used in food contact and prep areas?

Vital Oxide is very safe to use on food contact surfaces, and it disinfects the surface by 99.999% in just minutes when fogging treatment is applied correctly with the proper micron flow rate. You can actually use Vital Oxide Straight out of a spray bottle for high contact surfaces frequently. Treament fogging can be completed in any area with no risk.

What does "no rinse required on food contact surface" mean?

“No rinse required on food contact surfaces” is a safety rating given by the NSF International. Vital Oxide is rated “no rinse required on food contact surfaces” category D2, meaning Vital Oxide is approved to be used in commercial or residential kitchens to control bacteria, viruses and mold without the need to wash/rinse the area with water after Vital Oxide is applied.

How long after treatment is it safe to be back in my space?

Actually, the product has a MSDS rating of 0-0-0 which means it is virtually non toxic and it only takes minutes to work and your space is yours again with no risk of other harmful chemical applications. We suggest 20 minutes by our methods.

Why are the treatment workers dressed in full protective equipment?

This is a mandatory PPE safety equipment protocol to protect our trained applicators from any virus. NOT to protect them from the product or application process. PPE is especially "over required" when treatments are being performed in an outbreak environment.

Why should I consider treatment?

Treatment is for a fresh start of any potential area. Employees, Clients, and Customers in any area will feel more confident and reassured of any attempts that have been taken to mitigate any risk of any spread of bacteria or virus infection.

How often should I treat my space?

That is on an individual space by space scenario. It really depends on the amount of person traffic you have and how you monitor your space and who is in it. can assist with any forecasting required for your operations model. Who is in your space, is most important and how they are respecting Anti-Virus safety practices.

Does it damage surfaces, furniture or equipment?

No. The proper equipment distributes in a very small micron “fog rate”. All you need to do is clear away any paper work or food items away from treatment areas.

How much does it cost to treat my area?

This is always evaluated on an area and a case by case basis. Every area is different in its own content. We have templates for certain areas such as Residential, Apartment, Special Care Living, Hotel guest rooms, Transportation, Metro & Interprovincial transit, Airline Specifics, etc. However larger commercial areas such as Lobbies, Offices, Grocery, Clinics, Retail, etc are case-by-case. Treatment area costs are always based on local licensed applicator travel distances, accommodations, and work within a total area square footage. It is affordable, and we can assure you that is here to develop long lasting relationships and will NOT ever take advantage of a pandemic situation. We are here to be fair and help bring solutions and safety and reassurance to our clients for the long term and help in any way possible to be a part of bringing personal life and business back to life! We are trying to be as quick as we can to respond when you fill out our request form.

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