Improving Disinfection...Results Released!

Updated: May 24, 2020 is on the move... The company is reaching out to business owners as they begin to prepare to reopen. Many business owners are seeking optional improvements to thier disinfecting program and will be happy to know is tuning their solutions to offer a one stop package that reduces the stress of uncertianty in finding ways to help with this disinfection and sanitizing problem. The packages are ready to go May 11th 2020. has been testing the fogging coverages, time and costs all of last week and has the results finalized. The results speak for themsleves. Not only can you reach out to to provide you with the fogging services, as an option, has prepared 4 levels of "DIY (Do it Yourself) Applicator packages that have everything you need to do the process yourself. This form if improved disinfection is considered a much broader spectrum method compared to only using "wiping" methods.

"We are humbled to be able to provide solutions to very overwhelmed business owners. We knew the results would be more than acceptable, however, we are beside ourselves with the time and overall cost savings that the results came back with. We are happy to be able to pass this process along to help out businesses and we expect this will be a long term solution for a safer and more confident customer market for business owners well into the future"

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