Search Releases Emergency Outbreak Action Plan Component For Canadian Businesses & Enterprises

We have been receiving an abundance of requests to be ready for "Covid-19 Outbreak" action plans. Most businesses have very active Health and Safety Committees and are planning ahead in case of an outbreak. has made it a priority to respond to these requests as quickly as possible, at no charge, to help out and prepare these committees. We evaluate and propose a valuable component of proper planning and execution for disinfectant fogging in the case of an outbreak area within your organization. This addition to any organizations plan is simple and customized to each client with a summary of down time and costs for their team to prepare every department in advance. Reacting quickly and efficiently with the minimum amount of down time is essential for reducing as many possible repeat health risks and financial impacts. This is the largest benefit of pre planning with as a component. Anyone can inquire for this assistance at has already pivoted quickly to facilitate demand for the DIY Treatment Applicator network where it is reacting to demands from business and enterprises to be their own Fogging Treatment Applicator. Equipment, product and training support will be released in the upcoming weeks. Interested parties should inquire through the following portal to get ahead of the list that is growing. . We are here to help and assist any business from small commercial services to Federal enterprises. There is no restrictions to the network for the DIY application process at this time.

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